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We're a social platform for VR and art enthusiasts, offering virtual concerts, exhibitions, and events where users can interact w​ith others worldwide. We also enable the creation, exchange​, and sale of NFT content. With our innovative technology and active user base, we create unforgettable virtual experiences for everyone. Discover the uniqueness of live performances with our Volumetric Scans. 

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Key product features

Social activity and the ability to interact between users, create communities, and exchange experiences and ideas.

The ability to hold concerts, events, and exhibitions in virtual reality that can be attended by users from all over the world.

Ticket sales and promotion of performances.

Sales of unique items for the virtual reality platform.

Security and transparency of transactions through the use of blockchain technology, which allows the use of individual event tickets, as well as game items, as NFTs.

A platform for creativity with a constructor for users who can create their own worlds, characters, and objects.

Transforming Virtual Production with Volumetric Video

We will have our own state-of-the-art volumetric capture studios located in major cities worldwide, allowing for convenient and efficient video production options.
Our end-to-end platform enables seamless capture, rendering, and streaming of high-quality full-body 360 stages volumetric video for virtual production.
Volumetric video capabilities are integrated with popular engines like Unreal Engine and Unity, and supported on various devices including iOS, Android, Meta Quest, Hololens 2, and more.
Concerts and other 3D events can be captured in just a few hours using our advanced volumetric video technology.

Experience Events Like Never Before: Attend from Anywhere with Our VR Platform!

Our virtual reality platform offers access to a wide range of events such as music concerts, stand-up comedy shows, theatrical performances, fashion shows, product launches, and more. With our platform, anyone can attend these events, no matter where they are located. Visit your favorite musician's concert with friends like never before! 

Attend performances by your favorite artists from the comfort of your own home

Our virtual reality platform provides a unique opportunity for people to interact and spend time with friends, family, colleagues, artists, and celebrities without leaving their homes. ? We offer a safe and engaging social activity during periods of restrictions and when people have less time to attend physical events. 


• VRChat (a platform for social interactions in virtual reality that allows users to create and customize their own worlds and characters)
• AltspaceVR (a social platform in virtual reality that can be launched on various devices)
• Rec Room (a social platform in virtual reality that provides users with the ability to interact in multiplayer games).  

Advantages of our project:
• A unique system of social interactions with the ability to create and sell NFT content.
• A wide selection of interactive events, concerts, and other activities created by both users and famous artists, bands, stand-up comedians, and more.
• A simple and intuitive interface for creating and customizing your virtual character and surroundings.
• Partnership programs for content creators, artists, and event organizers, allowing them to earn money on their projects. 

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